As a Mississauga mortgage broker, I pride myself on my ability to find the best mortgage options for my clients. After all, my job is to look out for the best interests. It’s one of the main characteristics you should look for when shopping around for a mortgage broker, and not all are the same. There are a few things that you need to look out for.

Your Best Interests are Key

As I just mentioned, one of the key things a good mortgage broker should have is their ability to know what will be best for their clients. This means having the experience and knowledge needed to find options that fit everyone’s financial circumstances.

You also want someone who is going to put your best interests first, not their own. There are mortgage brokers who are looking for the best advantages for themselves rather than their clients. In these cases, they may sell a package that really isn’t best, just to get earn money on a commission or to quickly close a deal. You want to stay away from that type of broker. If you feel they aren’t putting your needs first, move on.

Detail Oriented

Going through and setting up a mortgage package can be a complex process, between all of the paperwork needed, transactions taking place, and so on. One missed detail can put the whole deal in jeopardy. So you need a mortgage broker who has a sharp eye for details. Not just with your paperwork either. They should pay attention to other little details, like keeping you updated along the way, letting you know about changes, and making sure you understand the process as you move through it.

Honesty and Transparency 

Another necessary characteristic of a good mortgage broker is one who is transparent and honest with all of their transactions. You don’t want a broker who is so desperate to close a deal that they promise you more than they can deliver. This type of broker tends to not be transparent because they are hiding fees, making changes, and doing other things you may not want.

You need a mortgage broker who is straight to the point, tells you everything up front, and is honest about what they can and cannot do for you. They will also be realistic about what you can qualify for and tell you both the good and the bad when it relates to your finances and how it will affect the mortgage process.

Upfront with Their Fees

Some brokers will be given a compensatory fee when they work with certain lenders, and this is something they should be upfront about when putting together your mortgage package. If you have a broker who is acting a bit dodgy when the word fees are mentioned, they are probably hiding something.

A mortgage broker is handling a delicate and private area of your life when it comes to finances, and you want someone reliable and trustworthy doing that job. Never be afraid to question one who seems to be not playing above board. If you’re looking for a Mississauga mortgage broker that you can rely on, give our team a call today!