Debt Relief

We understand most people will pay their debts if they can. However, things do happen — layoffs, marriage breakup, illness/injury or any other life changing events which can shatter your finances.

We try to put you back into control of your finances.

Most people experience a financial crisis at some point in their lives…early recognition and getting qualified help can make a big difference on getting back on track.

Many Trustees and Credit Counsellors are advising almost everyone today to file a Consumer Proposal. This type of filing can prevent Bankruptcy for some people.

Debt restructuring is another remedy to avoid Bankruptcy, and so is an Informal Proposal.

There are in fact many alternatives to Bankruptcy. That’s why you need one of our Professional Agents to provide you with all your options.

Consider this:

  • Trustees by law must represent the interests of the ‘Creditors’ first and foremost; not you. Our trusted partners represent you only.
  • Credit Counsellors also have a mandate… to reduce the number of bankruptcies being filed each year. That is why some services are free to the public.

If you are suffering a financial set back do not call a trustee yet.

We may be able to put a new mortgage together for you to payout your debts, improving your credit and relieving financial stress almost overnight.

If you do not have sufficient equity to do so, one of our trusted partners can help you. Once again, our partner’s mandate is to help you and you only.

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